This site specific project explores how rewilding the bird of prey, the Black Kite, to Millingerwaard, a nature reserve in Kerkerdom could investigate interspecies borders.

Researching how the Black Kite experiences territoriality lead to following Vinciane Despret's ideas of modes of existence as a bird, cultural references such as stealing underwear from the washing lines in "A Winter's Tale", to the influence of white coloured rubbish becoming an indicator of territory.

The research resulted in opening up the interspecies borders by formulating a question of "Would you like to live here?" to the Black Kite in the form of white textiles and staging this question at the interspecies border, the washing line.

Above : Live-stream of Black Kite’s nesting, picture of a Black Kite’s nest 
Middle: Observations of crows taking threads out of a rug
Below : Staged question in the form of textile on the interspecies border of the laundry line